Rutgers Ruins ‘War on Women’ Narrative

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Condi Rice
Condi Rice

I’m sincerely, truly, 100% glad that the Rutgers University is dumping on Dr. Condoleeza Rice, Save Jerseyans.

Anything that helps unmask these insufferably-hypocritical liberals in higher education is a good thing in the long-run. Condi is tough. She can take it.

Think about it: for at least two electoral cycles now, all we’ve heard about is the GOP’s alleged misogynistic “War on Women” raging across the fruited plain. The narratives goes that evil, rich, white Republican men between the ages of 35 and 65 want to sneak into young women’s bedrooms in the dark of night to sew their legs shut, steal their birth control pills, and brand crucifixes on their foreheads with hot pokers purchased by Koch Industries and Fox News.

Pretty accurate, right? Thanks a bunch for tacitly admitting it’s all a giant, heaping, stinking load of crap, RU intelligentsia…

I’ve explained over, and over, and over again why it’s a load of bunk. Unfortunately, negative proofs are often times the most effective.

The “Iraq war WMD” excuse for opposing a Condi-delivered commencement address is absurdly hypocritical notwithstanding the dubious merits of the faculty’s “substantive” position. Did the Rutgers faculty object when their school invited Barack Obama to speak in 2016, a man who admitted lying to millions of American women by telling them they could keep their doctors when they couldn’t in reality?

Bill Clinton’s been there, too. Ask any women that’s come within 10-feet of that guy whether he should be allowed within 100 feet of a co-ed campus.

Invited female luminaries include Snooki who was paid a large five-figure sum (reportedly $32,000) by RU students, a decision which the institution subsequently defended. Her advice to the next generation? Study hard “but party harder.” Brilliant. I would argue that the pint-sized former MTV star is single-person war on humanity, let alone her fellow women! I’m also not a hopelessly-hateful leftist hack.

But poor Dr. Rice, despite checking most liberal boxes (a pro-choice, Ivy-league educated minority women with an extensive public service career and distinguished academic record), nevertheless fails to meet the most basic of all liberal tests:

She’s not a Democrat.

What other evidence do you need, folks? So let’s follow the RU faculty’s lead, quit pretending that the War on Women is anything other than a hallow partisan ploy, and never forget that the other side of the ideological divide has no interest in co-existing with us. The only way forward is to take on defeat their backwards worldview.

The real war is on your kids’ minds, folks. And you’re going into serious debt to pay for it, and all that you have to show for it is a seriously-devalued scrap of paper for an unmarketable major in a jobless economy.

Oh, and by the way, RU faculty, while you’re busy authoring resolutions: Mitt Romney is ready for his apology whenever you’re ready to offer it.

39 thoughts on “Rutgers Ruins ‘War on Women’ Narrative

  1. How many people that aren’t 100% sure about their next vote will learn about the snub? Well, maybe a hundred. Chances that Chris Christie will suddenly turn off the spigot of public money RU liberals lap from? Zero. And impunity, my friends, inevitably breeds contempt.

  2. Those , “False Pretenses” just recently showed up in Syria but I guess they didn’t report that on MTV or whatever other crap you watch.

  3. The Rutgers faculty hypocrisy is transparent and unending, but they are so well indoctrinated they cant see it. They are not used to being called on their BS. By the way students, George W. Bush is no longer President. It is President Obama who is destroying this nation.

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