Christie: “Not Gonna Talk About It”

22 thoughts on “Christie: “Not Gonna Talk About It”

  1. Matt Romney should join the military and become a real man , not be a girlie boy like his dad //////For the Vietnam war but got deferments ///////////Greed more important than service to country

  2. The man is guilty as sin. He thinks it will all go away, but he can not hide from all the investigations that are going on. He is not that bright to cover all and every basis there is to over. Farewell big boy

  3. What, exactly, has CC done that is illegal? I don’t mean poor judgement, or bad staff…I mean what is it, that can be proven,did he do that was illegal?

  4. bill o of fox news was caught cheating on his wife, paid off the lady he cheated with and said the same thinb

  5. What a fat mess!!! who ever thought this John Gotti wana be from jersey would ever become president you were all fooling yourselves

  6. Obama & Ko distributed guns to drug cartels, used IRS against political opponents, spied on private citizens without judicial order, and got our ambassador killed – but a bridge line closing is a national story and a matter for the federal grand jury? This country has certifiably gone bonkers.

  7. If Co you mean ALL the morons in Congress, that would be correct. And since the president has no real authority over anything that happens in Congress, besides veto power, you may want to lay the blame correctly. Please at least educate yourself before you say anything else stupid.

  8. Hello, unnamed Democrat drone! When you take a koolaid bottle off your lips, you will notice that the Congress has absolutely nothing to do with either of these four scandals. Now, go back to the DNC Troll Management Center and ask for better talking points.

  9. I guess you’re just another faux news believer?? If you know the truth about irs,benghazi,
    you’d know the president had nothing to do with them. If you knew the truth about the nsa,you’d know this president had nothing to do with setting it up or the scope of it.AS for the gun thing the truth may never be known about who did it. But it was NOT the president,learn some facts once in a while instead of listening to faux news liars all the time !! Maybe next time you could actually comment on what the article was ABOUT ????

  10. I suggest you start with wiping the foam off your mouth. The talking point about Fox News is outdated, so I suggest you lay it off until further instructions from your bosses in Troll Management Department. I don’t watch it anyway; unlike you, I don’t need a talking head to think for me.

    If you calmed down, think of your argument again. Apparently, you believe that a lot of important things go around in the government without Obama knowing about them. What does it say about his executive credentials? Right, he is incompetent – it might be news for you but most people know it already.

    Now, back to our elephants, eh, Chris Christie. So you accept, without questioning or investigating, that Obama has nothing to do with all those scandals – and yet you’re unwilling to accept that Christie has nothing to do with bridge closings. What does it say about your intelligence AND your partisan inclination?

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