Democrats: Desperate to Distract in 2014

By Alyssa Lafage | Convictions of Faith

DonkeyGet ready for it people. The Democrats are gearing up their smokescreens in a desperate attempt to keep us focused on anything but the destruction they’ve caused. They don’t want to talk about the debt, or unemployment, or the economy. They definitely don’t want to talk about Obamacare! Heck, we aren’t even allowed to refer to it as Obamacare any more without offending someone. The Democrats are so desperate to distract us in 2014 that we can expect them to pull out all of their favorite arguments and narratives. 

If Republicans talk about securing the boarder, the Democrats interpret that as…

“Republicans just hate Hispanics and basically all non-white skin people for no danged good reason”

If Republicans point to the Lilly Ledbetter act instead of supporting this new equal pay nonsense being spewed by the left, they interpret that as,

“Republicans obviously hate women and are are fighting a war on women’s wages” 

If Republicans say they support the traditional family structure and believe in traditional marriage, the Democrats want people to think that,

“Republicans absolutely hate gay people and want to condemn them to hell on earth.”

When Republicans say they don’t support a minimum wage hike, and for good reason, Democrats don’t discuss the facts, they attack with,

“Republicans clearly don’t care about poor Americans and want them to all starve and never be able to provide for their families while big business continues to make money on the backs of said people.”

Republicans who support American energy like coal and oil are met with Democrat accusations that,

“Republicans want you to drink filthy water and suffocate on fetid air and your crops to all be poisoned with acid rain and all your seeds to be forcibly GMO”

If Republicans support school choice, home schooling and reject Common Core, the Democrats accuse,

“Republicans want children to be uneducated and are against *progress* in society” 

Oh I could go on. They will throw just about anything at the wall to see what sticks with their voting base. And really, there are enough blithering idiots out there that believe this type of BS to be true which is why it’s vitally important that we continue making our voices heard on the issues that matter. Read my latest article on the minimum wage via PolitiChicks. Just telling ya know people, be ready for the nonsense. 


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