We’d Already Be Dead If Pipelines Were Poison

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Opponents of the much-discussed Keystone XL Pipeline and New Jersey’s mothballed BL England (BLE) Pipeline Project cite alleged disastrous environmental consequences if construction moves forward; even the Keystone pipeline’s clean bill of health provided by President Obama’s own State Department can’t assuage their fears. The hyper-emotional invariably resent the logical whenever we try to get in the way of a good rant. Par for the course.

Here’s a little visual food for thought:


Context? The Keystone pipeline would add exactly 1,078-miles of 30″ pipeline in the United States; the BL England natural gas line would’ve stretched just 22-miles. As the federal government-generated map posted above illustrates, we already have 2.3 million miles of pipeline in this country, folks, including many miles of lines running through the Garden State. 

You’re telling me 1,100 more miles of pipeline is going to bring about the environmental apocalypse?

Dream on, wing nuts… we’d all already be dead and buried if pipelines were poison. They’re not.