Bennett Wants to Debate Golden

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

John O. Bennett
John O. Bennett

New Jersey’s only competitive county party chairman’s challenge of 2014 is taking another dramatic turn this afternoon, Save Jerseyans, as both incumbent Chairman John O. Bennett and challenger Sheriff Shaun Golden trade correspondence and haggle over ethical precedents.

The latest? Bennett, a former governor and state legislator who isn’t backing down in the face of a robust insurgency, wants to debate one-on-one and put his open-ended proposal in his latest letter to Golden:

“Speaking of the issues, I believe the Party is best served by hearing directly from the candidates. I challenge you to a debate to which all County Committee members will be invited to. You name the time, and you name the place. I look forward to a vigorous discussion about the Party and our visions for the future.”

Click here to read the full letter.


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  1. More interesting than the NJSEN primary-at least Bennett or Golden will be winning in November, as normally happens in Monmouth a County, when their freeholder candidates sweep to 30 point margins.

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