Palin Endorses Lonegan

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Sarah Palin at an October 2013 U.S. Senate Lonegan rally in New Egypt, NJ
Sarah Palin at an October 2013 U.S. Senate Lonegan rally in New Egypt, NJ

Yeah, I know, it’s boorish, but it’s news so here you go: Sarah Palin is injecting her Mama Grizzley-sized mouth into New Jersey’s Third Congressional District race, Save Jerseyans, by formally endorsing Steve Lonegan.

“Steve is the type of conservative leader we need,” said former Governor-turned-reality star Palin in a statement announcing her support. “He believes in the free market principles this country was founded on because he has seen first hand how they can lead to success. In Washington, he will be a dedicated fighter for lower taxes, balanced budgets, and lessening the burdens of regulations on small businesses.”

No one would be surprised by tonight’s announcement nor by the choice itself. Palin’s Tea Party Express organization had already endorsed Lonegan earlier in the cycle; she was last in New Jersey to stump for him at an October 2013 Ocean County rally before the special U.S. Senate election showdown with Cory Booker (D-Twitter).

No word yet as to whether Palin plans to mock any additional Christian sacraments before voters head to the polls on June 3rd.


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  1. Let’s rework the point here a bit: “We need Republicans to represent NJ!! But not ‘those’ republicans who actually have ‘beliefs’ … ugh we just need some super establishment types to go to Trenton or DC and play along nicely / not make waves and bend over for the Democrats!”

  2. Matt, I’m new to your blog, but it ‘s obvious you dislike Sarah Palin. What is it about her that seems to irritate you? I know a lot of people were enraged by her waterboarding a/k/a baptizing terrorists comment (I didn’t find that offensive personally because I don’t consider waterboarding to be torture). It was a joke! Thanks.– Fran H. @FMFHopkins

  3. @Elaine Forbes is legit. I respect his opinion, although I’ve yet to encounter the endorsement that’s changed my mind in a race.

  4. Yeah, well all of those government mules endorsing MacArter meant nothing to me.

  5. It’s a completely fair question. The brief answer: I agree with her on most issues of substance, but despite my strong conservative orientation (pro-life, pro-free market, anti-Obamacare, anti-gun control, etc.), I very much subscribe to the “big tent” party model; as Reagan himself famously said, “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20 percent traitor.” You can’t live in a 2-party system spanning a country of 330M souls and win by demanding perfect purity! Palin nevertheless spends most of her post-gubernatorial tenure trying to take out people who agree with our cause 80% or even 90%+ of the time. And to make matters worse, she makes a habit of deliberately saying crazy things (like the water-boarding/baptism comment) to make headlines and sell books. Does her personal marketing strategy help grow the party? Quite the opposite… it drives people away and lines her pockets. So I don’t hate the woman, not at all, but I very much want her to retire from public life barring a major behavioral change since she’s not a constructive partner in saving our country from the Left.

    Thanks for reading!

  6. the same predictable line of clowns endorses Lonegan in every run, just like the same predictable bloc of voting clowns comes out in support of him.

    Gee I wonder if doing the exact same thing over and over again will elicit a different result?

  7. You have been in NJ too long…… obviously don’t know a real deal conservative when you see one (or two) Matt. Lonegan is the man for those of us who DO know the difference between him and conservative lite. And Sarah Palin? She has done more to rally lots of us previously politically timid mama bears than anyone else. You are kind of raising a red flag here. And BTW Matt, who or what exactly are we trying to “Save Jersey” from anyway?

  8. I’m sorry, I was going to afford you a serious response, but I can’t feign interest in a conversation where the other party refers to herself as a “mama bear.”

  9. You write, “Palin’s Tea Party Express organization…..”. To the best of my knowledge, Palin is occasionally invited for a segment of their tour but is there an ownership? Your statement would lead the reader to believe so.

  10. When CC quits on us to run for president, maybe Palin can buy a house in Lavalette so she can run for Gov. I’m sure NJ politics is slightly different than how they do things in Alaska.

  11. Lonegan will actually stand up for conservative principles if elected. MacArthur will vote for amnesty, debt ceiling increases, etc. We don’t need another Congressman who is fine with managing the decline of America. I’m fine with supporting someone who is conservative 80-90% of the time, but not someone who I know will not stand up and fight for what I care about. Jon Runyan had one of the worst conservative ratings of any Republican in Congress and I refuse to elected someone else like that. Lonegan is not a perfect candidate, but I know where he stands.

  12. Bingo………other than reaffirmation that we are making the right choice with Lonegan!

  13. I know THIS Independent Candidate is happy about it – an awful lot of folks leapt off that Presidential ticket a few years ago because of S/P. Trouble is, if Lonegan is defeated in the primary, then “T-Diddy” is your man – and he’s a charlatan. The insurance issue is truth, as is much more. I’m waiting to see how next week plays out before going further, but we have our own programs to introduce. His campaign is “I’m not Steve Lonegan”….well, very few are, thank heaven. At least, with Lonegan, you know where he stands. Of course, most folks aren’t that extreme in their thinking, which means he drives votes to the middle. TMac, however, seems to be willing to say whatever is needed to get the DC gig – salary, pension, and all he can steal. Some out there already see through it – hopefully, by November, MOST will.

    My campaign is not defined by who Steve is, or who Tom pretends to be. (Good LORD, what a fraud).

    Patiently awaiting next week’s outcome, so that I may respond, rather than react.

    In July, you’ll like what’s up with budget and pensions….more to come. (Waiting for F/Y to change for specific examples)

  14. LAVALLETTE, NJ – This morning former mayor and conservative candidate for Congress, Steve Lonegan, is proud to announce the support of former Republican presidential candidate and current Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, Steve Forbes.

    Lonegan is a firm supporter of a Steve Forbes-style “flat tax” plan as a means to jumpstart the economy. Lonegan also strongly agrees with Forbes that American prosperity is best positioned to succeed when business, industry, and free markets are provided a favorable climate in which to function.

    “It’s an honor to receive the support of Steve Forbes – a fiscal conservative whom I have admired for many years,” said Lonegan. “His financial support is a clear confirmation of the momentum of our campaign as we head into its final week. I look forward to bringing the economic principles we share to Congress.”

  15. Those independent voters will stay home if the election turns out to be Aimee Norcross vs. Philadelphia Inquirer’s/George Norcross’ favored Republican candidate for Congress in the 3rd District (hint: it’s NOT Steve Lonegan). We could have had a shot at the last two presidential elections if the GOP had nominated a candidate that conservatives, libertarians, and independents (many of whom don’t see a difference between the major party candidates much of the time) could get behind, but you dropped the ball. I’m hoping that in next week’s primary, we don’t make the same mistake.

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