Palin, Levin to Stump for Lonegan

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog is advertising Governor Palin's New Jersey event with this banner. is advertising Governor Palin’s New Jersey event with this banner.

Ready or not, Save Jerseyans, here she comes.

One of America’s most controversial and polarizing political figures is coming to New Egypt on Saturday to campaign for U.S. Senate Candidate Steve Lonegan as his race against Cory Booker (D-Twitter) enters the final 72 hour sprint.

Palin is advertising for the event via her national organization, Tea Party Express, which is scheduled for Saturday October 12th. She’ll be joined by popular conservative talker and Reagan Administration alum Mark Levin.

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The former Alaska Governor formally endorsed Lonegan last week but, at the time, was not expected to visit the state. Mayor Lonegan’s campaign is betting that driving up base turnout in an unusual special election can overcome Booker’s shrinking but admittedly comfortable public polling lead. He’s going to the right place if you buy into that strategy; heavily Republican Ocean County and the other red Jersey Shore counties provided Governor Christie’s margin of victory (and then some) in 2009. Ocean alone provided approximately 82% of the Governor’s statewide victory margin.

No one denies that Cory Booker is ahead as this race winds down. “How much” is the relevant question. A new Stockton poll released Thursday afternoon found Newark’s part-time mayor leading his Republican opponent by 11-points; the Lonegan campaign still insists that its internal tracking poll reflects a single-digit race.

51 thoughts on “Palin, Levin to Stump for Lonegan

  1. There is no one that's on the fence that will say "Oh, Palin likes him, then I'll vote for him", not in NJ. If you like Palin, you were voting for Lonegan anyway. Her coming in WILL chase voters away to Booker though as she is really disliked, fair or not.

  2. Excellent move! Just got home from the debate at Rowan……….Steve Lonegan was superb! Booker sounded llike he came from a Hollywood acting class. Means a lot to have such great conservatives standing up for Steve, a real deal Reaganesque candidate!

  3. Oh, you betcha! Works for me! But I've always loved Sarah. Not so sure how it'll work for the rest of NJ though. But that's what I like best about Lonegan. He never pretends to be anything other than a conservative!

  4. Steve Lonegan rocked at the debate at Rowan tonight. I was in the audience and loved every minute. Yay, Steve Lonegan!

  5. Steve true to his principles but this will not gain him votes. He will lose moderate votes. Elections are won in NJ by winning the moderate vote. He should have told them to send emails and stay home. Sorry but true.

  6. It is all about marketing. The people who Love Palin and Love Levin will be thrilled that their voices will be heard. It will all be up to the Independents. Hopefully the Independents are getting fed up on all levels and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

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