Booker Wins On Style

Booker Wins On Style

BArt Gallagher |

Cory Booker debateCory Booker came to the second and final Senatorial debate prepared to portray Steve Lonegan as a Tea Party extremist, and Lonegan cooperated.

Lonegan came prepared with facts and punchlines.  Booker turned nearly every question into an opportunity to portray himself as a compromiser who will go to Washington to get things done and Lonegan as an extremist.

Early on in this campaign, Lonegan acknowledged he “lacked a filter” between what he really thinks and what he says.  He seems to have developed a filter over the last several weeks, but he left it at home tonight.

Lonegan’s hardest punchlines are likely to be used against him over the the final week of the campaign.  “You might not be able to swim in that river, but its probably because of all the bodies in it from shooting victims” and “you’ll abort a baby in its 8th month of delivery,” will very likely be used relentlessly by the Booker campaign and they ramp up their Get Out The Vote machine in the coming week.


19 thoughts on “Booker Wins On Style

  1. Not at all. I was there. He was still very scripted. There is nothing that qualifies this man for the office except hype. Once he's in we will never get him out. Borrowing $85 billion a month to run a government is totally irresponsible and supporting those policies is even more irresponsible.

  2. If you know how to read body language, the Bookerbot to my left in the audience had her arms and legs crossed except when applauding wildly for some asinine comments made by Booker. I and my friend to my right were leaning forward. You decide.

  3. It's easy to be Booker!! Everything as a compromise, sunshine and rainbows. He only has to tax the "rich" more and spread the wealth. Lonegan talks reality and facts. If shooting sunshine and rainbows is the basis for win on style points then Libs win every time.
    We don't need a 9th member of the gang of 8.
    Lonegan FTW!!!!

  4. Booker never answered the questions, just kept rambling on, tea party, tea party it,s all the tea party's fault, he was pathetic, lonegan rocked his clock

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