Bramnick: I’m Proud of Mowers

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Asm. Jon Bramnick (R-Union) isn’t just heartened by the latest rounds of SCI Bridge testimony, Save Jerseyans. He’s proud of the Christie Administration’s subpoenaed staffers, past and present.

“After watching hours of testimony from Matt Mowers, Christine Renna and Mike Drewniak, I conclude that most of Governor Christie’s team are intelligent, articulate and dedicated public servants,” the Assembly Minority Leader said in a statement following the Tuesday hearing.  “I am proud that we had people such as Matt, Mike and Christine working for government. I hope that ongoing hearings that question every email and the motives attributable to every interaction does not discourage young people from getting involved in our government.”

Unsurprisingly, the testimony from Mowers, a former NJ GOP operative and current New Hampshire GOP executive director, lacked a smoking gun long-sought by Trenton Democrats; they were hoping his interactions with Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich would yield something juicy. “I sit here dumbfounded and disappointed that the actions seemingly taken by a few rogue individuals have tainted the good work that so many have done on behalf of the residents of New Jersey,” Mowers told a disappointed Democrat audience.

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