Inky Endorses Sabrin

Inky Endorses Sabrin

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Murray Sabrin
Murray Sabrin

Citing his support for civil liberties and pledge to work across the aisle, the newly-liberated Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board has decided to endorse Murray Sabrin in next Tuesday’s NJ GOP U.S. Senate primary, Save Jerseyans, over his three party rivals:

“Of them, MURRAY SABRIN appears to be Republicans’ best choice. The finance professor at Ramapo College is a human library of monetary theory and a paragon of libertarian principals. Having been a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in 2008 and the Libertarian Party nominee for governor in 1997, Sabrin also seems most prepared to carry out a vigorous campaign.”

Click here to read the full endorsement. Want to weigh in before June 3rd? You’ve come to the right place. Vote in our open online poll and opine in the busy comments section.

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  1. Murray received over 110,000 votes in the 1997 gubernatorial election, and a combined total of approximately 60,000 votes in both the 2000 and 2008 primary (about 34,000 in 2000 and 25,000 in 2008, respectively). Those elections were different because the establishment GOP had a candidate in the race, which makes it difficult for an anti-establishment candidate to win. Because this race lacks any substantial intervention from the establishment, Murray’s name might resonate with voter’s in the voting booth. Plus, Sabrin’s libertarian/conservative base has the potential to drive him to victory on June 3rd. He also holds the line in populous Middlesex county. This is anybody’s ball game, however, Murray has some nice endorsements (Ron Paul, Rich Merkt, Senator Mike Doherty, Senator Steve Oroho, and now the Philly Inquirer newspaper). I think it will be Murray and Pezzullo in the long run.

    I received a call from the Jeff Bell campaign just a few minutes ago; it was a voice recording of Steve Forbes encouraging primary voters to vote for Bell. I have not received calls from any other campaign. From what I know and see, Brian Goldberg is attending various events around NJ to attract votes. Rich Pezzullo has an outstandingly organized campaign with a volunteers making phone calls. Murray Sabrin is probably the most vocal over Facebook/Twitter and apparently is using the radio as a means of getting his campaign out there (also direct mail techniques). Jeff Bell is utilizing direct mail/robo calls. Conclusion: Anybody’s game, but I’m predicting a tight race between Pezzullo/Sabrin with Pezzullo slightly winning. Man, NJ politics is exciting!

  2. Sabrin’s an egomaniac who could only talk one county in to endorsing him. Reading his Facebook and twitter, he sounds like a guy who stares in a mirror for an hour and compliments himself.

  3. I really can’t stand Jeff Bell. He’s brought an out-of-state army in to try to take a nomination he hasn’t lived in Jersey long enough to earn. I feel like a native, being attacked by foreign invaders, and I’m taking a stand. Do not vote for Jeff Bell. I’d gladly support him for Senator from Virginia. But we need a Jersey resident representing Jersey-Jeff Bell is just renting his place in Leonia!

  4. I will not be voting for Jeff Bell. I will be supporting Murray Sabrin and I encourage you to do the same. Clearly the smartest guy of the bunch and has potential to finish Lonegan’s work from last year. Sabrin 2014

  5. I have looked at their websites and/or FB pages and determined that Rich Pezzullo most closely aligns with my views. What sealed it for me was that he was the only one who made the effort to reach out in my District, and I liked what he had to say when I met him. Will gladly cast my vote for him.

  6. How you vote in the primary for Senator will determine the relevance of the party State-wide for the next several years. Choose wisely, folks.

    If Booker defeats the R again, “relevance” may become an issue…purely by percentage.

  7. And in totally unsurprising news, liberal Tom MacArthur received the endorsement of the most liberal newspaper in Pennsylvania!

    The newspaper praised liberal MacArthur’s willingness to “compromise” and applauded the fact that MacArthur “acknowledges that government has a role to play in health care,” (Obamacare). (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/27/2014)

    The newspaper believes that compromise by conservatives is a good thing. The piece went on to criticize Steve Lonegan for his “uncompromising conservatism” and “government-is-the-problem ideology.”

  8. You are correct. And let’s be clear: The “INKY” endorsed Booker over Lonegan last year.

    The bottom line: The Inquirer has not endorsed a conservative over a democrat in years, probably not since Reagan, and most probably before. So when the editorial staff endorses a GOP candidate, what they are REALLY doing is endorsing the candidate whom Booker can have the EASIEST road to victory. And Sabrin has a lot of baggage going for him which will make it easy for the Inkster to flip-flop its “endorsement” of Sabrin once the general election campaign heats up.

    Keep in mind, the Left FEARS principled, conservative candidates. That is why they do their DAMNEDEST to eliminate them in the primary. Sabrin provides the weakest link of the four candidates, hence the endorsement and the editors’ mealy-mouthed explanations.

    I mean, COME ON. A liberal paper endorsing Sabrin for his “free market principles?” Seriously?

    Rich Pezzullo is the only candidate who is the “complete package.” Conservative, articulate, likeable, and can both communicate AND command conservative ideals to the likes of RINO’s like Graham and McCain without compromising conservative principles, which is frankly more important than “getting along” with the democrats.

  9. Pezzullo has no money, Sabrin does. That’s all that’s important nowadays. Pezzullo can be the most liked guy in NJ, he will not stand a chance without any $. Sabrin has 7.5 times the money of all the Republicans involved combined. Plus if he wins the primary, he will be one of the only liberty minded candidates in the general election for 2014, which means the libertarian grassroots donors will storm to his campaign (the Ron Paul people). And there is no need to question Sabrin’s legitimacy as a conservative, he has been preaching limited government principles for many years now. Has a stronger grasp on the economic problems in this country than Pezzullo does…he’s an economic genius. Booker won’t show up to the Booker-Sabrin debates, you can count on that.

  10. Other amonymous: Sabrin’s been hit with a notice of failure to file by the FEC. My guess is he has no money and doesn’t want anyone to find that out til after the primary.
    He’s a walking gaffe waiting to happen. I will not have a Todd Aken re-run when we have a chance to beat Booker.

  11. How do you know how much money Sabrin has? He didn’t file the required pre-primary report last week, instead receiving a second FEC violation notice (the first was for forgetting which party he was running under on his Statement of Organization!).

    While his possibly $40K or $50K is more than Bell’s $4K and Goldberg’s $1,600, that $40K, or even $100K, isn’t going to beat Booker.

    Ask yourself:
    After the Primary, who might be able to raise money from across the Republican spectrum and even mobilize Independents?

    Murray’s promise of riding the Ron Paul endorsement to millions is obviously not panning out. Pezzullo is a “full-throated conservative” that screams and shouts – and will scare away moderates and independents. Only Bell, with his past political connections, and Goldberg, whose mainstream supporters respect the primary and therefore wait until after to donate, have any chance of raising the serious cash needed to even be heard against Booker’s Hollywood war chest.

  12. The Ron Paul people will join in after Sabrin wins the primary. Most liberty minded candidates across the nation have lost the primaries to establishment candidates. If Murray wins the primary (which is very possible), the libertarian grassroots movement will storm over to him.

    Sorry, I don’t see Bell or Goldberg beating Booker, or raising the money that you claim they will be able to raise. I do think it is more plausible that Sabrin will finish Lonegan’s work from last year. Lonegan’s attack style (while annoying after a while) brought the race closer than everyone had initially anticipated. Sabrin now can use Booker’s record as Senator from the past year (which essentially, is NOTHING) against him. Booker’s ratings are DOWN, and Sabrin is the only fire brand guy who will call him out. Regardless, I will support Sabrin, Pezzullo, or Bell in November. I will vote 3rd party or stay home if Goldberg wins.

  13. Please, no RINO’s. Republicans, by their very definition of the party as limited government and deference to states as opposed to federal rule must be conservative. We do not need any big-government, crony-capitalist moderate wimps in play, as collectively they do just as much damage as full-throttled socialists that run the Democrat Party.

    And to the Sabrin anonymous commenter: Spare me the “Ron Paul Types” speech. If they really were as teeming as you think, Congress would be filled with conservatives OR libertarians by now. We need someone who is more likely to stand up to John McCain and Mitch McConnell as well as Harry Reid and Barack Obama, and only Rich can do this effectively, based upon his life experience and track record.

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