Obama Cans Carney, Shinseki

Obama Cans Carney, Shinseki

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Angry ObamaThank you, Mr. President, for giving walking papers to two of the people whom you should’ve canned months (or years) ago: Jay Carney and Eric Shinseki. On a Friday. When no one besides the Save Jerseyans are paying attention. Sigh…

In any event, Rep. Leonard Lance (R-NJ07) is hoping that the departure of the VA’s disgraced top official will give way to reform:

“I thank Secretary Shinseki for his dedicated public service, but leadership starts at the top and the backlog issues that preceded the appalling ‘waiting list’ scandal have tarnished the Veterans Administration and failed our Nation’s heroes.  I will soon partner with colleagues in the House to offer our servicemen and women greater options and access to the care they need and deserve.  These solutions will work to restore their faith in the VA.  It is my hope today’s announcement turns the page on this disappointing chapter in our ongoing commitment to the people who fought to keep our Nation free.”

It’s a start. Next up, let’s act on the Lobiondo VA proposal.

Can we then move on to the long-overdue candid discussion on Benghazi? Fast and Furious? The IRS-targeting fiasco? And the 1,500 other scandals for which there are still plenty of shoulders that deserve to lose heads?


4 thoughts on “Obama Cans Carney, Shinseki

  1. The MSM has been spinning this as “Obama is cleaning house” as though he was taking responsibility and acting like a real leader. LoBiondo is a joke. One time a friend and I stood outside of a restaurant where the Gloucester County Republicans were having a meeting at which he would be speaking and were handing out flyers that included information about his voting record. His aide told us to leave and called the police when we insisted on our First Amendment right. The policeman who responded looked over our flyers and told us that we were not breaking any laws as long as we stayed on the sidewalk. While we were speaking with some people, Lobo slithered into the restaurant behind them like a snake. A real man would have faced us instead of acting like a coward.

  2. But Shinseki isn’t the problem; big government is. Big government fails every time.

  3. When the President took office he was well aware of the issues at the VA. It was well documented in his speeches. He even blamed the previous administration (nothing new there) about the wait times……nothing was done, in fact it got worse! This is an issue that should infuriate all Americans.

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