Real Men Do More Than Tweet

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Booker bring back our girlsFear not, Save Jerseyans. They’ve got this.

New Jersey’s U.S. Senators are furiously tweeting and talking about the kidnapping and threatened enslavement of hundreds of Nigerian girls. It’s only a matter of time before the fearsome, hardened warlords and radical Islamists of this war-torn African country check their Twitter accounts, realize the error of their ways, and apologize to the world by way of a Barbara Walters interview (see exhibit A on the right). 

I’m not saying there’s much that Cory Booker, today, can do about this situation other to opine about it online. Hell, this guy wasn’t able to make a dent in Newark’s violent culture over the course of years. I’m not holding my breath for big things on the global stage…

My complaint? It doesn’t seem to me that a generation full of social media addicts understands the difference between real leadership and great branding. 

These memes are designed solely to convince YOU, John and Jane Voter, that the sharing party gives a damn. Our opponents overseas don’t think in hashtag; they’re still rocking caveman time. Tweeting at them doesn’t change anything. What Cory and his contemporaries excel at marketing to the choir. It’s only harmful when people start to make the mistake of confusing tweeting about “real” masculinity and the real thing.

Senator Twitter and his co-workers can set the record straight by putting down their iPhones for 5 seconds and defending our own society’s most vulnerable citizens.


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  1. So you’re defending the folks who tweet by accusing me of being all talk…? Are you thinking this stuff out before you type it? Or is this some sort of stream of consciousness exercise?

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