Rooney: Christie “Certainly Better” Than Obama for Israel

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Governor Christie receives a security briefing at the Golan Heights (April 2012)
Governor Christie receives a security briefing at the Golan Heights (April 2012)

Regular readers know our Blogger-in-Chief Matt Rooney and our other Save Jersey contributors are regularly called upon to comment on New Jersey political stories for the local, state and national media.

Over the weekend, Matt spoke to Dmitriy Shapiro of Jewish Week about Governor Christie’s record on issues concerning Jewish Americans in the context of the 2016 GOP primary:

Another instance that Christie’s critics raise as evidence of what they call questionable foreign policy views is his 2011 appointment of Sohail Mohammed to a state Superior Court judgeship. Mohammed, who was also an attorney in the Qatanani trial, made his name representing many of the most violent Muslim defendants after 9/11, argued Matt Rooney, an attorney and editor-in-chief of conservative news blog

“They’re objectively terrible human beings, and human being may be too generous for some of them,” said Rooney. “At the same time, some of the people who have been criticizing him, they don’t point to any illegality that he helped them do anything other than to represent them. We are a democracy and really crappy people need to be represented.”


Rooney characterized that misstep as more indicative of Christie’s foreign policy inexperience, a common problem that has plagued many a politician seeking national office.

“I don’t think they indicate an anti-Israel bias and I don’t think they tell us that he would not come to Israel’s defense,” explained Rooney, adding that Christie is “certainly better than what we have right now in Washington, DC.”

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