Christie Signs Budget, Vetoes Taxes

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

christie smileIt’s an distressingly imperfect work product, Save Jerseyans, but it’d stink a lot worse if a bought-and-sold tool of the public sector unions like Jon Corzine was still at the helm.

That’s the best I can say for this $32.5 billion FY 2015 budget signed by Governor Christie after hours on Monday evening.

Yes, it’s a little bit leaner than last year’s. He did cut $1 billion from the legislature’s proposal including $7.5 million for “family planning” services; the pension system nevertheless remains underfunded despite the Governor’s record payment, and we’re still spending WAAAAY too much money. 

How much? A paper trail of what went down:

(1) Revenue Certification

(2) Signing Statement (S2015)

(3) Veto: 15% Business surtax (A3484)

(4) Veto: Pension quarterly payment bill (S2265)

(5) Veto: Millionaire’s tax (A3485)

What else can be said? That we haven’t said 1,000 times before?

Only this: “While we see vetoed taxes and line item vetoes to strip out the spending fueled by these tax hikes, residents of New Jersey should not be fooled” AFP-NJ’s Daryn Iwicki lamented in a released statement. “Our budget is still bloated and filled with goodies for all kinds of special interests.  Our New Jersey budget will be $4 billion more than what Pennsylvania passed this year—a state which is much larger than ours both land area and population and they spend $4 billion less.”

See ya next year, Save Jerseyans.  


Matt Rooney
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  1. Should the GOP lose the governor seat after Christie leaves office, lost taxes will be made up from the onset. This is only a temporary stay of execution for the citizens of New Jersey.

  2. <---- Here is my shocked face. Pure political posturing by Stephen M. Sweeney and the dems. Still, that budget is still too damn big!!!

  3. Good start, now veto upcoming gun proposals snd repeal the usless “feel good” anti-2A lawdls already on the books

  4. Next is reform retiree contributions for healthcare we are sick if paying for these sponges who can afford more by cost a of retiree then our own salaries

  5. It’s a bit better. This is such a deep blue state its never going to look truly conservative with a powerful liberal state legislature. His record is improving but he still isn’t a guy I want in the white house.

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