The Two-Minute Anti-Mag Ban Argument

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

We can (and have) given you a thousand constitutional, fact-based, logical arguments AGAINST the 10-round magazine legislation currently burning a hole on Governor Chris Christie’s desk, Save Jerseyans, and he milks every last second of his remaining couple of weeks of decision-making time. But sometimes those of us who try to reason our way through public policy debates forget that a strong plurality of our fellow citizens simply react to stuff; their decisions are emotional, and they regularly reelect politicians who know how to manipulate those emotions.

So here’s the best 2-minute emotional (yet also entirely accurate) anti-magazine ban argument that you’ll find out there on the vast, untamed Internet:


And unlike global warming, Save Jerseyans, home invasions and analogous gun crimes don’t result in human fatalities only within the creative confines in a Hollywood studio… just sayin’…


1 thought on “The Two-Minute Anti-Mag Ban Argument

  1. I’m sorry. If he couldn’t have downed that puppy with three shots at that range, the mag capacity is moot. Owning a weapon, being trained in it’s use and being able to kill are not intersecting factors.

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