N.J. Assembly Mag Ban Roll Call

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

NJ Assembly ChamberI promised to follow up with the roll call from last week’s Assembly magazine ban concurrence vote, Save Jerseyans, so here it is while we wait for Governor Christie to make a move:

One again, Asm. Christopher J. Brown (R-8) of Burlington County was the sole Republican YEA vote, while Democrats Bob Andrzejczak (D-1) of Cape May County, John Burzichelli (D-3) of Gloucester County and Celeste Riley (D-3) of Cumberland, the latter two being the district mates of magazine ban champion Steve Sweeney, voted against the bill. 

Two Democrats – Shavonda E. Sumter (D-35) and Pam Lampitt (D-6) – didn’t vote.

The official roll call is re-posted below the fold…

assembly roll call

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6 thoughts on “N.J. Assembly Mag Ban Roll Call

  1. Yes, my LD8 Asm. Brown has always had a lousy record with regard to 2nd Amendment issues.

  2. If you do your research you’ll find that Chris was a DEM. His vote should be no surprise.

  3. Well the 8th could have had me, but the regular GOP backed Brown. So you see…the GOP continues to ram worthless candidates down our throat. Like Tom MacWhatshisname the Jon Corzine of the GOP. The GOP are clapping like trained seals for him. They could not balance a ball on their nose however. It was up Macs butt.

  4. The right of self-defense is a God given right, to those who wish to take it away, you may have committed a sin.

  5. Fail to mention the other person in the 8th Gary whatsyourname and her vote being backed by the GOP. You call it one way ya gotta mention the other. #glasshalfemptyattitude

  6. Never too late to reply to this. Ask any would-be gun confiscator how they will take guns from illegal gun owners, thugs, gang members, etc. How will they eliminate the black market for illegal guns. Ask why they want to make law-abiding citizens defensless to violent criminals. Use the Saul ALinsky tactic of demonizing them by asking why they want to see innocent citizens rendered defenseless and murdered by violent criminals, who will always ignore the law and use violence against others.

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