Governor Christie was right to veto gun magazine bill

By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog

chris christie press conferenceGov. Christie was absolutely correct in vetoing the Legislature’s magazine-limit bill, despite Sandy Hook-parent Hugo Rojas’ protestations to the contrary. The bill was not only trivial, but it was cynical to boot since it did nothing but regurgitate the long-standing agenda of gun control advocates in New Jersey without addressing what really was at the heart of the Newtown, CT tragedy: defenseless children and teachers left at the mercy of a deranged individual who should have been locked up.

If you want to solve problems, the first key is correctly identifying them, not trotting out tired, politically correct memes that pander to sentimentality. It’s obvious that a big problem at Sandy Hook – a problem lawmakers in New Jersey ignore and perpetuate today – is defenseless schools.

Another problem is the hands-off attitude taken by local and state officials and law enforcement against mentally ill people who, like Adam Lanza, have a long, documented and scary track record of violent behavior yet are allowed to walk the streets.

Ignoring the real problems in favor of political pandering is what the Legislature did with the magazine-limit bill. Gov. Christie was right to veto it, and Mr. Rojas’ is mistaken in his criticism. 

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Scott St Clair
Scott St Clair
SCOTT ST. CLAIR: Earning a J.D. from the University of Puget Sound in 1975, Scott is a communications professional who has worked as a freelance journalist/writer as well as a political operative.

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  1. Lord can’t these Cry baby whiners get over it?
    This is funny typically LeftTards.
    Oh the Sandy Hoax Folks
    Watch “New Sandy Hook Bombshell! Everyone Got FREE Houses” on YouTube
    New Sandy Hook Bombshell! Everyone Got FREE Houses:

  2. The other thing is that the CT families shouldn’t be coming here to try changing OUR laws. It would be like a Canadian citizen coming to the US to try getting our laws changed. We are 50 sovereign states.

  3. Where Is The Job Creation Legislation !!! 4 Casinos Are Closing … It’s Not Just Your Job It’s All The Dems n Reps !

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