MacArthur Steps Up Air War

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

How long before the DCCC decides NJ-03 isn’t worth the money propping up a weak NJ-03 prospect in a toxic Obama backlash cycle, Save Jerseyans? Your guess is as good as mine, but today’s development might help them along.

Just days after the national Democrat congressional organization was, in an unprecedented move, forced to pull back an objectively slanderous TV ad aimed at Republican nominee Tom MacArthur, the GOP campaign is counter-punching with the second of a two-part counter-punch intended to blunt the impact of an estimated $100,000 per week Democrat television buy leading up to Labor Day Weekend:


4 thoughts on “MacArthur Steps Up Air War

  1. Why did I see the DCCC ad again tonight during Fox News Special Report around 6:25 PM for the second night in a row after I first saw it reported by you and the GOP campaign that it had been “forced to pull back”?

  2. Because TMAC’s three magic beans seem to have bought the loyalty of many. They haven’t figured out that there is no substance here. His whole campaign is like a roll of singles wrapped in a counterfeit twenty.

    Less than $ 54,000 raised from individuals – the rest are “Loans” from himself…were the checks good, or is this just a way to wash contributions back to his personal accounts when the race is over.

    54k – that’s not all that many pancakes at 1000 bucks a pop.

  3. Frederick John LaNooneCares, for a supposed independent you only waste your time attacking one candidate, you awful shill

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