Cho is a False Choice for NJ-05

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Roy Cho in a recent web ad.

NJ-05 Democrat challenger Roy Cho just returned from a trip to Israel, Save Jerseyans, a foreign excursion designed to bring attention to the young attorney who has raised an impressive amount of cash but nevertheless remains out-gunned by his opponent — and under-loved by the DCCC — in his quest to topple Rep. Scott Garrett. It’s the kind of thing a top tier presidential contender is expected to do; it’s a little bit strange for a bottom tier House candidate.

I admire his effort. And hey, maybe he is genuinely concerned about Israel. I’ll take his word for it.

Here’s the problem: Cho’s election would aid Israel’s enemies.

We live in the reality of a two-party system, Save Jerseyans. Love it or hate it, that’s not really the point of this particular post. The point is that a vote for Cho is, for all intents and purposes, a vote for returning Nancy ‘Crazypants’ Pelosi to the speakership.

I’ve written extensively about how Nancy Pelosi’s far-left wing of the Democrat Party, now in firm control of the apparatus of Dem power, is also trending decidedly in an anti-Semitic direction. The evidence isn’t only anecdotal. A recent Gallup poll found only 31% of Democrats believing that Israel’s military actions against Hamas are justified. It’s stupefying and frightening in equal measure.

Scott Garrett has a proven record of standing up for the world’s besieged freedom-loving peoples both at home and abroad (see below). No one knows for sure what Cho would do in office, but we do know that the politicians with whom he’d caucus — the same folks who ran a convention where Israel and God were booed from the floor — have the complete opposite reputation of Congressman Garrett.

That’s no real choice at all for the voters of NJ-05…