Lonegan, Forbes Launch “Fix the Dollar”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Steve Lonegan kicked off the next stage of his political career on Wednesday in NYC, Save Jerseyans, with long-time friend Steve Forbes at his side for the “Fix the Dollar” launch at Trinity Place Restaurant, a former bank. The scenery was appropriate.

Here’s what you missed:

5 thoughts on “Lonegan, Forbes Launch “Fix the Dollar”

  1. he would have made a great Congressman! Instead we may be stuck another empty suit, Macarthur. Our loss.The establishment status quo won again. Do not expect anything to change.

  2. Why do I keep seeing that DCCC commercial (just today) accusing MacCarthur’s insurance company of screwing Sandy victims out of compensation even though his people keep saying it’s been pulled?

  3. I wanted Steve for President when he ran years ago.. and voted for Lonegan here in NJ.. He would have been awesome..

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