The Math Behind Your Property Tax Bill

The Math Behind Your Property Tax Bill

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

When more than 50% of New Jersey state aid is dedicated to 5% of our schools, Save Jerseyans, thanks largely to the New Jersey Supreme Court’s interference, then no one should be surprised when New Jersey’s property taxes are the highest in the nation. It’s simple math… something that they’re not doing a particularly good job of teaching in those 5%-districts! Or many of the rest of them, too, if we’re being honest.

School funding is one of our favorite topics at Save Jersey; if you’re a visual learner, here’s a particularly excellent explanatory video dropped by the Assembly GOP on Tuesday. It’s hard to ignore the problem when the numbers are staring right back at you…

13 thoughts on “The Math Behind Your Property Tax Bill

  1. Want real change – too bad they didn’t let my story on Bonding post….censored again.

    You pay way more than you have to because of the money funneled off by the bond counsel process.

  2. No. Thank Chris Christie! Christie did nothing to elect conservatives to NJ Senate to change NJ Supreme Court–not in 2011. Not in 2013. On the contrary, he helped re-elect liberal Democrat Senators like Sweeney so they would take a dive and give Christie big margin in Governor’s race. With no support in State Senate for conservative judges, Christie then “had no choice” but to renominate liberal Chief Justice Rabner for lifetime tenure.

  3. We could have changed this — ended Mt. Laurel, secured tax limitation constitutional protections, solved the pension crisis, etc — if only our penultimate GOP Gov had the slightest vision. But, alas, we wasted 8 years with a legislative majority and an allegedly Republican governor, and made no fundamental reforms whatsoever. She was, unfortunately, too busy with her “many faces one family” buttons to actually do much of anything to save NJ from the baleful fate which has befallen us.

  4. Yep….we did a post a while back that discussed how Camden County spends over $1 BILLION PER YEAR just for school…ONE BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR, just to pay for our schools…it does not include county, local, fire district or, of course, federal taxes…..not to mention the 7% we pay on every purchase, etc, etc, etc…

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