UPDATE: Shaneen Allen Gets PTI

Shaneen Allen and her sons

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Shaneen AllenA huge update on the Shaneen Allen saga from NBC 10:

“On Wednesday, the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office released a clarification of the 2008 “Graves Act” directive, which deals with incidents in which out-of-state residents who hold a valid permit to carry a firearm in their home state are arrested in New Jersey and charged with illegal possession of a firearm under New Jersey law.”

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  1. It looks like McClain just averted a serious “Career Malfunction”. Write this down and post it on your refrigerator ” It’s not the Law, it’s not the Facts, it’s the Politics”. Let McClain come to Camden
    and spout his tough on Crime rant on a street corner after dark.
    I don’t see some ink on a piece of paper much of a deterrent in the real world.

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