Belgard (or NJDSC) Turns to Craigslist for Volunteers?

 By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

People go on Craigslist to find futons,Save Jerseyans, not political campaign volunteers. Unless you’re NJ-03 Democrat nominee Aimee Belgard? Or whoever posted this solicitation on Craiglist on Thursday evening?

belgard canvass notice

The best part? Hours later, someone changed the ad to something non-Belgard specific, and re-associated the solicitation with the state party, not her campaign:

belgard ad


So who is paying whom to troll for votes in Ocean?

And is anyone embarrassed that they’ve resorted to THIS to find help with less than four weeks left to go?

Questions abound… but I can tell you this much: this isn’t the kind of thing you do when you’re leading.


11 thoughts on “Belgard (or NJDSC) Turns to Craigslist for Volunteers?

  1. If you check the ad out now, the logo is gone. Seems someone removed it a few hours ago. Talk about embarrassing.

    Edit, you caught it too.

  2. How is it embarrassing to use a helpful tool in order to reach more people within your community? If anything, it’s good thinking. When you’re trying to win an election, you should leave no stone unturned and utilize every weapon at your disposal.

    We can’t all be rich insurance hucksters, you know?

  3. Yeah we can also be huckster attorneys that defend insurance companies, Justin Jerkoff Rivera

  4. If they are looking for volunteers/paid staffers via Craigslist, their grassroots effort is hurting.

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