Kean, Singer Probe N.J. Ebola Preparedness

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Ebola virus

As the Ebola scare sweeps America (with a close call in our own backyard?) and some federal officials call for stricter screening procedures, Save Jerseyans, two New Jersey legislators want to confirm that Trenton is prepared.

State Senators Tom Kean and Robert Singer sent a letter to the Department of Health on Friday with a series of questions related to the situation in Texas; notably, “[i]s the Department of Health working with hospitals to avoid similar missteps from occurring here in New Jersey?”

It’s a fair question given New Jersey’s numerous points of entry and the ongoing debate nationally as to whether America’s local hospitals are prepared for a hypothetical outbreak.

The NJ Department of Health does have a significant amount of resources up on its site; click here if you don’t feel like sleeping ever again.


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