Lance Calls for Ebola Screening Program

By Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

ebolaAs the Ebola scare spreads from Texas to D.C., Rep. Leonard Lance (R-NJ07) is demanding something from the Obama Administration that we all know they’re not fond of crafting: a plan.

Among other items, Lance wants what his office describes as an “aggressive Ebola screening program for travelers at U.S. ports of entry,” though Lance and other members of Congress have generally stopped short of calling for a travel ban to-and-from affected countries. The problem is complicated by how Ebola arrive in the U.S.

“News of Ebola in the United States is a ringing alarm for a comprehensive prevention plan against this deadly virus,” said Lance, a member of the House Energy and Commerce Health Subcommittee, in a Friday press release.  “The Obama Administration must be more responsive in taking the necessary steps to contain the deadly virus, protect citizens and medical professionals and aggressively treat those who may be infected.”

Texas is reportedly monitoring upwards of 100 people who they believe may have come in contact with the infected individual who reportedly entered out country from Africa via a European connecting flight. Now a D.C. patient is being tested for Ebola in isolation after exhibiting symptoms.

“Recent events in Dallas clearly highlight the need for elevated levels of screening at U.S. ports of entry nationwide,” Lance continued.  “Yet it’s unclear where federal health and homeland security agencies are working hand-in-hand on securing our Nation’s borders and screening travelers arriving from Ebola-stricken areas abroad.”


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  1. Stop flights to/from the outbreak epicenter. DON’T BRING INFECTED PEOPLE HERE. More stringent border crossing checkpoints.

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