#NJSen Polling Avg: Booker +16

By Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

njsen10 days:

  • Monmouth (10/2 – 10/5,  477 LV) — Booker +15 / 53% to 38%
  • Quinnipiac (9/25 – 9/29, 1058 LV) — Booker +11 / 51% to 40%


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  1. JEFF who? Never hear anything about him or his platform. He needs strong social media program and needs to get better media coverage. He needs to get in Bookers strongholds’ and make his case.The sad part the elections are fixed and you will once again see votes in incredible numbers for Booker in the cities.

  2. Its Blue Jersey…no surprise…esp. since our D.C. elected officials do SO much for us there.

  3. Sad that the powers that be didn’t put a good candidate up…… Jeff Bell is a better candidate than Booker, but not electable…. pray for a hail Mary in the endzone…..

  4. Booker has a great smile and would make a great game show host but lacks the intellectual firepower needed to represent NJ. Bell needs to get off the gold standard and pound him on his poor record as mayor and simply say, ” if it’s jobs you want, vote for me, if it’s a nice guy with a smile, well then vote for him”.

  5. It proves that NJ has a bunch of immoral, ignorant fools to elect, and keep electing, leftist communist scum.

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