Christie Vetoes 6 Bills, Signs 5 Others

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Details from an active Thursday:


S-1092/A-1537 (A.R. Bucco/Rible, Coughlin, Auth, Singleton, Space) – Reduces amount of fire duty required in order to receive exempt fireman certificate

S-1649/A-3229 (Turner, Allen/Mukherji, McHose, Watson Coleman, Gusciora, Schepisi, Auth) – Appropriates $22,463,000 in 2003 bond act monies for loans to fund dam restoration projects

ACS for A-679, 2186/S-1897 (Cryan, Benson, Singleton, Lampitt, Riley, Pinkin/Turner, Beach) – Encourages the establishment of “breakfast after the bell” programs in school districts, public school, and nonpublic schools participating in the federal school breakfast program

A-948/S-1988 (Singleton, Burzichelli, Schaer/T. Kean) – Requires a board of education to consult with appropriate nonpublic school representatives prior to any change in the provision of nursing services

A-2955/S-2127 (Prieto, Lagana, Andrzejczak, Benson, Mazzeo, Munoz/Vitale, Singer, Greenstein) – Establishes certain requirements for hospitals regarding patient-designated caregivers


A-617/S-1357 (Moriarty, Bramnick, Benson, Wimberly, Andrzejczak/Van Drew, Scutari) – CONDITIONAL – Prohibits sending unsolicited advertising by text messaging, and requires companies offering text messaging services to allow customers to block all incoming and outgoing text messages [read here]

A-625/S-1477 (Moriarty, Vainieri Huttle/Van Drew, Scutari) – CONDITIONAL – Prohibits certain unsolicited checks [read here]

A-1007/S-2142 (Benson, Riley, Wimberly, Garcia/Singer, Greenstein) – CONDITIONAL – Requires DCA to establish procedures for inspection and abatement of mold hazards in residential buildings and school facilities, and certification programs for mold inspectors and mold hazard abatement workers [read here]

A-1396/S-967 (Wimberly, Jasey, Benson, Moriarty/Gill, Barnes) – CONDITIONAL – Enacts the “Reader Privacy Act” [read here]

A-2388/S-2253 (Singleton, DeAngelo, Quijano, Wimberly, C.J. Brown/Norcross, Oroho) – CONDITIONAL – Concerns registration of contractors and sets criteria for responsible bidders in public work [read here]

A-2619/S-1146 (Johnson, Eustace/Weinberg) – CONDITIONAL – Excludes certain conveyances of graves, crypt and niches from 15% fee charged by cemetery company [click here]