I want ONE liberal friend to defend Pelosi and Gruber…

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

You’ve undoubtedly heard about MIT professor Jonathan Gruber’s appreciation for your convenient stupidity by now, Save Jerseyans, but what you probably have not seen is Nancy Pelosi proving she’s just as big of a liar – Kim Kardashian’s butt-sized liar! – as demonstrated by the following three exhibits offered for your consideration…

I challenge ANY liberal visiting this post to defend these clowns (and their healthcare law).

Go ahead. Take your best shot. Can’t wait to hear from you. Any takers? Someone? Anyone?



Exhibit A: Pelosi asks press to check out, by name, Gruber’s analysis (2009)


Exhibit B: Gruber cited as “architect” of Obamacare by NYT

Click here to read the glowing story!


Exhibit C: Who? Pelosi denied knowing anything about Gruber (2014)


2 thoughts on “I want ONE liberal friend to defend Pelosi and Gruber…

  1. Paraphrasing Ronald Reagan: “It’s not that my liberal friends are stupid, it’s just that so much of what they know just isn’t so”

  2. Really, Pelosi’s staff really needs to “vet” her before they let her stand in front of a microphone. Otherwise, they are definitely overpaid

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