Update: Assembly passes Assisted Suicide bill… with public funding!


By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Enjoy spending time with grandma this Thanksgiving, Save Jerseyans!

She may not be long for this world.

Assembly Democrats quietly added and then, on Thursday, passed A2270, legislation that would legalized assisted suicide in New Jersey.

“Instead of increasing access to quality palliative care for the residents of New Jersey, the Assembly chose to pass a bill that can place the most vulnerable in our society, the sick, elderly and those living with disabilities, at significant risk,” a spokesman for the New Jersey Alliance Against Doctor-Prescribed Suicide shared in a statement. “We believe the dangers associated with this bill are far too many to ignore.”

“The so-called ‘Death with Dignity Act’ — physician or ‘anybody else’ assisted suicide — is another tragic example of human hubris, re-creating God in our own image; imposing our own limits upon God’s law and will and wisdom; exhausting God’s otherwise inexhaustible mystery and merciful companionship in our journey through the natural, fully human life God alone can give,” added the Bishop of Trenton in a separate release. “Although now on the road to becoming legal in New Jersey, it is an option and a choice that we should never make.”

A little additional information: four Republicans voted for it – Ciattarelli, O’Scanlon, Schepisi, and Rodriguez-Gregg.

I’m disturbed by this measure not just because of the potential abuse. Believe me. It goes even deeper than that… we’re paying for it!

Our old friend Asm. Webber used his lawyering skills on the floor and questioned the sponsor, South Jersey’s John Burzichelli, who I’m told by witnesses admitted that this legislation will use public funds for suicide. Assisted suicide is bad enough but taxpayer-funded assisted suicide??? Really???

The Senate hasn’t yet scheduled a vote on its own version; Gov. Christie previously pledged to veto the measure.

We’ll hold you to that, sir!


32 thoughts on “Update: Assembly passes Assisted Suicide bill… with public funding!

  1. Why is this disappointing at all? Think of it like this… If everyone knew the exact moment we were going to die, wouldn’t we all try and fill what time we had left with the people we love? This gives the terminally ill the chance to make sure they can achieve that on their terms and timetable. It’s their choice and I feel that it shows a tremendous amount of thought and reasoning in the hardest of times and that in my opinion is admirable.

  2. @Jesse We disagree fundamentally on this, but setting the substance of the issue aside… why should I have to pay for it?!?! The taxpayer funding element should be enough reason for anyone to oppose this bill.

  3. But, I am appalled that O’Scanlon voted for it, especially considering it includes public funding.

  4. Already being abused in European countries…sending the annoying to a “better place”…happens here too.

  5. Your talking about funding enough morphine to make a chronically ill person fall asleep one night and not wake up. I hope your never in that situation. But if you are in that situation you’ll realize unless your Dr is Dr Kavorkian you should be able to fall asleep on your own terms.

  6. I totally agree that any terminally ill should have that option. For me personally I would not want my children’s last memory of me to be one of suffering. Think about it if one passes from say cancer what’s the saying you always hear well at least he/she is no longer suffering or in pain. Yes it’s my opinion so therefore it should be my option on how I want to leave if I was placed in that situation. Not someone else’s.

  7. Our society and unfortunately our state seems all too willing to embrace the culture of death. Instead personal control and choice are the mantras of today. Doctors are put in the untenable position of harming (killing) their patients. Assisted suicide is the slippery slope towards mandatory death sentences when the terminally ill and the elderly will be considered burdens to their families and society. It is already happening in the Netherlands where many abuses are being reported. Fortunately, I do not see assisted suicide becoming legal in NJ as long as Christie is governor. I personally hope it never becomes legal here.

  8. Dissapointing??? Really??? Have you ever had a loved one suffer from terminal cancer??? End stage Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome??? Liver cancer??? A brain tumor that was inoperable that left them incontinent and they could clean themselves and they screamed in pain when they had enough morphine in their syatem to kill a horse and yet they were in pain!!!
    Dissapointing, disappointing?????
    Go fuck yourself……self righteous assfuck……..

  9. And how much experience do you have with terminal illness Paulette Bergeron Coronato?????
    I love how you self righteous all high and mighty principled shits can tell someone else what’s good for them and you’ve never walked in THEIR shoes……or suffered their pain!! God I’m so damn sick of government and self righteous assholes telling everyone else how to live their own lives!!!

  10. I hope NONE of you ever have to suffer that pain…….to have a loved one that had been your rock that you leaned on waste away to mere shell of a being and be in so much pain that they begged any god that would listen for mercy…………

  11. Christie will attempt to appease the religious nuts and veto it to look good for 2016. Just watch. Meanwhile if you want to die with dignity better move to Oregon.

  12. There is a point in an I’ll persons life.that they cant take it anymore. I’m sure Micheal Jackson experienced it. I think this is a humane decision.

  13. How can you say “play god”. And not relize that keeping someone alive with
    Medication, feeding tubes, breathing tubes, and all the rest is not doing the same.. We treat pets better than humans, the last choice someone should have on their own is to suffer or not

  14. Reid Hensen, keeping someone alive and actively taking a life is two very different things.

  15. In response to the angry Bill Connelly…I have had plenty of experience with terminal illnesses. I watched my mother suffer with Parkinson’s Disease for over 15 years to the point where the last three years of her life she was confined to bed and finally died from metastatic breast cancer, that could not be treated appropriately because of the Parkinson’s. During all those years my mother would never have chosen to end her life. What we experienced as a family was a beautiful love story between my parents. My father cared for her to her dying day in their home. My father’s love and devotion was a valuable lesson for me, my children and grandchildren that will never be forgotten. The vows they made to each other on their wedding day were promises kept to the very end. Something that does not happen often in today’s culture. My father treated my mother with the tender love and respect she deserved as a human being and the love of his life. He did not look at her as a burden but was always gentle and joyful in his care for her. Maybe I’m just plain old fashioned, but my parents brought me up to believe that all life is sacred and valuable. In our family this is who we are, because my husband is a physician. So we actually do know plenty about suffering and death. I am sorry Bill Connelly that you are so angry. I am sorry if you have experienced painful suffering or losses in your life. However, the day the state makes it legal to kill yourself with the assistance of a physician will be the sorriest day for all of us. You are entitled to your opinions, but so am I. I don’t think demeaning my opinion and values is a good way to express your view.

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