VIDEO: Webber destroys rationale for assisted suicide bill

VIDEO: Webber destroys rationale for assisted suicide bill

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris) always says what we’re thinking, Save Jerseyans! Even when the Dems try to shut him down for “speculating” about what could come from the legislation? Legislation which, if signed, would allow for taxpayer-funded suicide?

Um, isn’t that the entire point of a floor debate? To debate policy considerations…? Kudos to Leader Bramnick for defending his caucus member. #SMH!

From Thursday’s assisted suicide floor debate:

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Webber destroys rationale for assisted suicide bill

  1. What a bunch of complete and utter nonsense. For all of his ridiculous ramblings, he clearly has no clue what equality, freedom and liberty are. The bill doesn’t leave it up to the government to determine if a terminally ill individual’s life is worth living, it leaves it up to the INDIVIDUAL. If someone doesn’t want to suffer in pain while dying a slow, painful death as a result of a terminal illness and they KNOW for a fact that they’re going to die, they should have every right to die on their own terms. By Weber’s convoluted logic, administering CPR to someone who goes into cardiac arrest and is clinically dead should be considered going against nature since it’s supposed to be, “your time”, to die.

    Furthermore, his suggestion that terminally ill people simply use painkillers to ease their pain as they die slowly is the height of sheer arrogance and stupidity. In other words, let them eat cake.

  2. Riddle me this. Why is a natural, painful death more compassionate than an artificial one with less pain? This is the core of Webber’s argument, and one I think he has completely backward. The other part about society deciding the value of lives… smdh. That is some collectivist shit right there. I am an individual. I alone shall decide what the value of my life is. So much for the GOP embracing liberty.

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