THIS is what real courage looks like

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

We found out over the weekend that a terminally-ill young woman in Oregon had committed suicide. I’m not going to repeat her name here (click to read the Fox News story) since, unlike the rest of the talking heads out there, I don’t think giving up on life is anything other than a defeat. Sorry if that statement makes you feel “judged” but hey, some of you desperately need to be called out on your bullshit!

Pardon the strong language, but bullshit is exactly what this poor, misguided woman’s apologists are serving up via social media today. Think about the incongruity of it all: 90% of the mouth-breathers celebrating her “choice” don’t believe in personal freedom in ANY other context. In life, you can’t choose how to spend your money, where to send your kids to school, if you can own a gun, what kind of car you can drive, etc. and so on… but if you want OUT of their liberal hell hole then hey, feel free to kill yourself.

Good grief! What a wonderful message for the moody 18 year old population, huh?

The remaining 10% who describe themselves as “libertarians” don’t seem to understand that liberty, as the Founders framed it in our Constitution, was a concept which they considered inextricably tied to a Creator. We’re not the authors of our own freedom; we’re the stewards of a divine gift. Our U.S. constitutional system does not, in any form or fashion, promote individual rights at the expense of personal responsibility and moral virtue. They didn’t think you could have one without the other! And they were right. Remove God from the equation and you’ll have an entire generation that can’t distinguish between genuine liberty and base license. Like we have now.

I can’t add much more beyond the incomparable Matt Walsh’s inspired writing on this topic

Let’s go just one step further. A tragically ugly situation demands a life-affirming counterpoint. An example of confronting the potential of “death with dignity.”

Meet Maggie Karner. This is what REAL courage looks like, Save Jerseyans:

20 thoughts on “THIS is what real courage looks like

  1. I’m not going to judge the woman in Oregon for doing what she did. Lord knows I have never been put in a position like that. But, call it what it is; suicide. Suicide is not dignified or courageous. Having watched a loved one go through cancer treatments and do everything possible, that was courage!

  2. @Neely Your position is one that I can respect. Regardless of how one feels about the “right to die,” I’m absolutely disgusted by the folks who are portraying suicide as a beautiful thing. They’re going to be proximately and morally responsible for copycats.

  3. She went out on her own terms. It may not be beautiful but in the end she chose for herself instead of letting the cancer win.

  4. Ryan, the cancer won. Matt Rooney, I think we pretty much agree on principle here, but dude….strong language. I don’t begrudge that poor girl in Oregan for ending her life per se, its her choice after all but I am not sure that we should be celebrating it or condoning it. I follow a lot of news and I’m generally no Boy Scout but I can tell you this made me physically ill and like I said, just feels a bit evil and like we are playing to our lesser angels.

  5. I am not celebrating it but I think she should have a choice, and she did and she exercised it. I am totally against Government force when it comes to your own body and your own life. YOU should determine your path in life, not the state, nor any sort of collective. I am ME, an individual, not a worker in a hive.

  6. Her life. Her choice. Her responsibility. I do believe in individual responsibility and individual choice. Your religion and your ideas should be irrelevant in her decision and it is none of the government’s business either.

  7. Sean, no. Only a person of sound mind. I am in general just opposed to the Government intruding on my rights as an individual. Who are they to decide whether I want to live?

  8. She didn’t commit suicide, she was terminally ill, had very little time left and decided to speed up the process in order to spare her family the pain of watching her waste away.

    To denigrate her just go to further illustrate why religious, social conservative trash values have no place in dictating our governmental policies, foreign or domestic.

  9. I would be devastated if my kid chose to do this there is a cure for this could be tomorrow why not hang on a bit longer and the guy that married her just to watch her die what a jerk did he give her the maybe they need to investigate lol she said she would not do it yet the other day so what’s up with that
    .suicide is suicide no matter how you call she has to answer to god maybe he was ok with it

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