Final Monmouth Poll: Booker +14

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

bell and christieIt is what it is, Save Jerseyans.

Cory Booker (D-Twitter) is sitting pretty at 54% to Jeff Bell’s 40%, Save Jerseyans, in the final Monmouth poll released before Tuesday’s big vote. That’s almost the same margin (53% to 38%) found in the last Monmouth survey conducted at the beginning of October.

“The New Jersey Senate race has been pretty much status quo throughout the fall campaign,” said Patrick Murray, the director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. “One big question is whether Booker can outperform his 11 point win in last year’s special election. There is some chatter that he underperformed in that race.  I’m not sure I agree with that assessment given the record low 24 percent turnout, but it is a perception that the Booker camp will probably want to put to rest with a bigger win this time.”

Booker, formerly a one cell zygote, enjoys a lead that’s driven in large part by an out-sized gender gap – 59% to 35% among women as opposed to a 49% to 46% among men – which runs counter to trends elsewhere in the country this cycle.

Still, and significantly for down-ballot contenders, Booker’s margin looks to be smaller than Menendez’s nearly 20-point win in the 2012 “Obama/Sandy” cycle. The “underperformance” question cited by Murray will be debated in due course…

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18 thoughts on “Final Monmouth Poll: Booker +14

  1. NJ is a lost cause. The major population centers are mostly on the public dole and won’t vote conservative for fear of having their handouts reduced. You want freedom and low taxes get out of NJ.

  2. I disagree Robert. A lot of folks in black and Hispanic communities are starting to figure out that the money is running out and that “progressive” Democrats are leading them to disaster. The big problem is Establishment Republicans like Christie who go to inner cities (like Paterson Town Hall Meeting) and promise to give away as much money as Democrats, and who claim they are different from “backwards” or “bigoted” Liberty and Prosperity conservatives like us.

  3. He’s within 14 points. This could’ve been closer with even a handful of media buys by the NRSC or the GOP. Frankly, this was an easy win that they tossed in the trash through sheer stupidity. Booker is a ridiculously easy target and has been for a while; this was Bell’s race to lose and he’s unfortunately going to lose because he didn’t have anywhere near the money or support he needed. Where’s Cruz? Where’s Paul? Where’s Rubio? Hell, I’ll take Palin.

    You know where they are? Still smarting from the last time they helped a NJ candidate – Steve Friggin Lonegan. A dumbass who, instead of losing and going off to run AFP NJ or something, forced himself into a congressional race that we could’ve won and LOST it by a massive margin.

  4. Why would I want to vote for Bell? I will either vote Libertarian or Republican-Democrat. Hell I might just even vote for Booker. Republican need to change their ways and start supporting Freedom and Liberty or the Independents like me will never vote for them. I am a right leaning libertarian voter locally but I have no problem voting other parties. Comparing Bell against the others on the issues that matter to me at this point make me not want to vote for him.

  5. Seth I applaud your optimism but sadly it will never happen in NJ. Just like NY and CA this state is doomed to liberal lunacy.

  6. This state is doomed to.liberal lunacy because the republicans are completely incompetent and no other reason. Unless they can show the masses how they are being led to slaughter, they will continue to follow and that’s exactly what they deserve.

  7. John it doesn’t matter. The cult of personality rules the roost and that’s why Booker will win and continue to win every time. Dumbed down populace living off the public dole playing and living the “victimization” and “entitlement” cards. The cycle has begun and unfortunately cannot be stopped. Until there is total collapse like Chicago or Detroit people will continue to vote for liberals.

  8. “I disagree Robert. A lot of folks in black and Hispanic communities are starting to figure out that the money is running out and that “progressive” Democrats are leading them to disaster.”

    Care to supply evidence to support that claim, Seth?

  9. Justin: Funny you should ask. When I went to Atlantic County Clerk to pick up messenger ballot for my Mom today, I talked to several activists who routinely pick up and deliver dozens of messenger ballots for Democrat candidates every election. In my opinion they are ready to bolt, and would have bolted long ago, if establishment Republicans weren’t such clueless jerks. They have been following Liberty and Prosperity for some time, and we agreed to do a lot more talking after tomorrow.

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