#NJSen Poll Average: Booker Leads by 15.6-points

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

safe_imageWe’ve got one *new* poll out with under one week to go before New Jersey decides whether to give former one-cell zygote Cory Booker (D-Twitter) a full term in the U.S. Senate, Save Jerseyans, and it reflects a 2-point closer race than what YouGov found a few weeks ago:

  • Monmouth (10/2 – 10/5,  477 LV) — Booker +15 / 53% to 38%
  • Quinnipiac (9/25 – 9/29, 1058 LV) — Booker +11 / 51% to 40%

This latest poll was conducted entirely prior to last week’s debate but, overall, it only amounts to a 0.4-point improvement for Mr. Bell in our average.

Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, an ardent Bell booster, sees hope in the fact that Bell wins independents in the YouGov survey by 8-points; “[t]he Democratic registration edge is about 7 to 4, and YouGov seems to have weighted the sample accordingly,” he noted. “But what if Democratic turnout is down (Obama has about a 41 percent approval in New Jersey)? And what if Republican turnout is up? If the partisan differential gets smaller, at some point Bell’s lead among independents can make up the gap.”

The Bell campaign doesn’t really have the cash to close the “partisan differential” before next Tuesday. Still, if exit polling is performed on Election Day and it reveals that Bell did, in fact, win independents in New Jerseyans, then that’ll guarantee some fun post-season discussions…

For now, this race remains Likely Booker.


9 thoughts on “#NJSen Poll Average: Booker Leads by 15.6-points

  1. How can anyone vote for Booker the progressive socialist???? Listen to his debate …. big government is the answer to everything!! No more responsibility for oneself or independence, the push is to make everyone dependent on government which will make us socialists and no longer a Republic. Wake up America or it’ll be Amerika.

  2. NJ is a cesspool of failed liberal idiotology, and isn’t gonna change anytime soon. They won’t wake up till its too late.

  3. This makes me a little sad because it shows that Booker could have been beaten by a stronger opponent. Hats off to Bell though for taking up the challenge and giving it his best shot.

  4. He didn’t go to jail, although he probably should for that little ethics violation.

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