Jilted Tancredo continues accusing Christie’s RGA of legal “money laundering”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Sour grapes?

The former Colorado Congressman and his website-based PAC – StopChrisChristie.org – are trying to raise money from national conservative grassroots opponents of the New Jersey Governor’s presidential aspirations, Save Jerseyans, hoping to hound him in early primary states. He’s also making some incendiary claims about RGA involvement in this cycle’s long-resolved Colorado GOP primary (allegations echoed by the folks at CREW who, you may remember, went after Rob Andrews for alleged campaign finance violations). Tancredo, in case you didn’t know, was NOT the RGA supported candidate. Looks like he’s still nursing a grudge?

But even Tancredo was forced to admit to a friendly interviewer (see below) that he doesn’t have any evidence of criminal behavior; I’ve never heard of “legal” money laundering… until now:

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  1. It sounded like the Chewbacca Defense from
    South Park. No scratch that. The Chewbacca Defense made more sense!

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