Christie Signs 5 Bills, Vetoes 2

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

chris christie press conferenceToday’s run-down:


A-3334/S-2224 (Prieto, Lagana, Oliver, Jimenez, Pintor Marin, Rible/Ruiz, Turner) – Requires New Jersey School Report Card to include indicators of student career readiness

A-3335/S-2225 (Prieto, Diegnan, Lampitt, Oliver, Garcia, Rible/Ruiz, Turner) – Requires preparation programs for teachers and school counselors to include programming to improve student career readiness

A-3337/S-2228 (Prieto, Jimenez, Lampitt, Benson, Caputo, Oliver, Rible/Ruiz, Sweeney) – Establishes four-year County Vocational School District Partnership Grant Program in DOE

A-3338/S-2226 (Prieto, Diegnan, Lagana, Riley, Oliver, Rible/Ruiz, Sweeney) – Allows school districts and requires public colleges to enter into dual enrollment agreements to provide college-level instruction to high school students through courses offered on college or high school campuses

A-3339/S-2227 (Prieto, Diegnan, Bucco, Eustace, Mainor, Oliver, Lagana, Rible/Ruiz, Sweeney)– Provides that if a career and technical education program of a school district is taught in an industry setting, off-site location will be exempt from certain State regulations


A-3340/S-2229 (Prieto, Jasey, Johnson, Caride, Mosquera, Rible/Ruiz, Sweeney)ABSOLUTE – Provides additional State school aid to county vocational school districts in which enrollment increases by more than 10% [Click here to read veto message]

A-3341/S-2230 (Prieto, Diegnan, Johnson, Watson Coleman, Fuentes, Benson, Rible/Ruiz, Sweeney)ABSOLUTE – Provides State aid for certain adult education programs [Click here to read veto message]

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