Garrett Bails But Boehner Survives

Garrett Bails But Boehner Survives

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

So I guess the likes of Trey Gowdy and Mia Love are “Rinos” now having not voted against John Boehner, Save Jerseyans?

That’s what you’re going to hear from the far reaches of social media land this afternoon after Speaker John Boehner survived a cosmetic coup vote at today’s opening session of the 114th Congress. Never mind that pretty much everything was wrapped up weeks ago at the conference meeting; the permanent “conservative” establishment of pacs and radio shows have money to raise and books to sell. Hating on Boehner is fundraising heaven!

Among the gaggle of predictable defectors? New Jersey’s very own Scott Garrett (R, NJ-05):

Most of the aggrieved Boehner haters were much less articulate than Rep. Garrett. They took Twitter and Facebook to savage folks who were considered heroes just 12 hours ago:


Welcome to Republican politics in 2015. Facts be damned. They’re all on auto-pilot.

Ya know, like the Left.

They’ve become what they hate. The irony would be delicious were it not so counter-productive.


9 thoughts on “Garrett Bails But Boehner Survives

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    Garrett is a principled Conservative and I applaud his courage in opposing this ineffectual Speaker.

    It is for their constituents to decide whether putting Party over Principle was worth it. Perhaps Boehner will give them prime committee posts and fund projects in their districts?

  2. Just more of the same charades we have seen under the GRIM Weeper…no real direction left in GOP… Or Dems for that matter. $$$ calls the shots.

  3. Apparently Garrett was the only one who listened to his constituants. He seems to know he works for us, unlike weeny Macarthur. Many calls were sent to him from our district to oppose Boehner, but he chose to ignore them! Well I hope he knows that people noticed and we are mad as hell at him. Do not take my word for it. Just do your homework. The GOP is toast in 2016. This Republican household is finished. They lie to our faces and do as they please. At least you know what you are getting with the DEMs. Macarthur is just another Corpratist Big Government Progressive in it for himself and beholden to the Chamber of Commerce, who are screwing small businesses and this country, with illegal cheap labor. He works for us, and John Boehner does not speak for me or for real Conservatives. Neither does Macarthur. He should stop the charade and learn how well it has worked for Christie, who’s approval rating is under water in NJ, and especially with Conservatives.

  4. @Jack Yup, apparently his flight was cancelled. I like him so I’ll take his word for it. Still, remember that scene from HBO’s ‘John Adams’ when they talk John Dickinson into skipping the big Declaration of Independence vote?

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