Throwing money at students who throw teachers?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Keep in mind before watching this video, Save Jerseyans:

This is the same $20,454 per student high school where a retired teacher recently complained of “chaos” in the student body including sex in stairwells.

This week? WPIX 11 is reporting that a freshman at Paterson’s John F. Kennedy High School has been arrested for allegedly slamming a teacher to the ground (See below). For what? The report claims it was over the seizure of the student’s cell phone.

Watch and then tell me, with a straight face, that the prevailing “throw money at the problem” approach to education in this state will help students who throw teachers:

4 thoughts on “Throwing money at students who throw teachers?

  1. The quickest way to get arrested or publicly shamed in this country today is to defend yourself from a violent black youth. This teacher probably did the right thing and laid limp or else the headline would have been much different.

    I was a very bad child/adult, but I always respected the process when I was caught. These kids get caught, and have no respect for the disciplinary process. Thugs would rather get shot or tackle a teacher instead of taking their punishment like a man.

  2. Paterson is also where 3 children tortured and killed a cat, “Quattro”, last year, and were defended by many people in the local NAACP chapter. Obviously, a lot of kids there are not brought up with morals, and this assault is even more proof.

  3. How about allowing teachers to bust an unruly student in the mouth for assaulting him or her?

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