PPP Poll explains Romney departure; major movement for Christie, Walker

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

christie and walker

The results from a new PPP (Democrat) poll may help explain today’s decision by Mitt Romney to sit-out 2016, Save Jerseyans.

Simply put, while Romney led the field (21% to Jeb Bush’s 17%), and his favorability remained high (62% to 24%), a full 74% of polled GOP voters expressed a preference for a new nominee in 2016.

Click here to review the full polling report.

Gov. Chris Christie’s net favorability is down 8-points over the last year (35% to 43%). Self-described ‘very conservative’ voters are heavily negative,with only 24% favorable and 51% unfavorable. He comes in 6th place out of eight polled candidates, down to 7% support from 14% in 2014.

Scott Walker is heading in the other direction; the Wisconsin governor is up to 11% (he only scored double-digits in this poll last year) and his favorability stands at 3-to-1. Walker’s challenge (and strength)? He has the lowest name recognition of the polled field, meaning that if he can keep his favorability high, he has nowhere to go but up. If…

10 thoughts on “PPP Poll explains Romney departure; major movement for Christie, Walker

  1. Christie can’t even straighten out our New Jersey after storm Sandy people still out of their homes how the hell could he fix a country !!!

  2. Conservatives give thumbs down to RINO and Democrat collaborator Christie. The verdict is still out on Walker, we’ll wait to see what he says and does in Iowa and New Hampshire. Until then we have Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, and my personal favorite, Dr. Ben Carson, waiting in the wings.

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