Assemblywoman plans bill to address felony charges over antique pistol

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Burr Hamilton Duel

Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande, responding to the plight of a retired Millville teacher facing a 2nd degree felony charge (and many years in jail) for possession of an antique “Queen Anne” flintlock pistol, is introducing corrective legislation. 

“There is a complete lack of common sense when a 72-year-old man is facing a decade in prison for possessing an unloaded, 300-year-old antique pistol,” said Casagrande on Thursday. “Granting this exemption will put New Jerseyin line with federal law that already exempts the possession of historic firearms manufactured prior to 1898.  Hopefully, the Cumberland County prosecutor will acknowledge the ludicrous nature of charging a man with no prior history and simply dismiss this case.”

We’ll provide you with details when they’re available. The federal Gun Control Act of 1968 defines “antique” antique but exemptions vary between states.

Frankly, I’m still upset that we even need to have this conversation, Save Jerseyans…

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  1. Laws must allow for common sense and leeway and penalties should not be absolute because no act happens in a vacuum.
    What ever happened to the young mother from PA who crossed the bridge to NJ with a gun she was licensed to carry in PA. The woman was a hard working member of society who made an error. She had proven the need for personal self defense. Law enforcement needs to be allowed to exercise common sense. If that is abused, the particular representative of the law should be punished.

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