Brown Not Running Again in LD8

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

We’ve got an open seat in Burlington County this fall, Save Jerseyans.

The full statement:

Assemblyman Chris Brown
Assemblyman Chris Brown

From: Christopher J. Brown

Assemblyman 8th Legislative District

In 2007 Randy Brown, John McKenna and myself came together (Brown, McKenna Brown) to run for office in Evesham Township. We ran to simply make a better community through a better government.

I never thought at that time I would go from serving my town as Deputy Mayor, the county as a Freeholder and presently the State of NJ as a Assemblyman for the 8th District. It has been and is a tremendous honor to serve my community and my State. I have always tried to do my level best to earn the trust of the voters and to never take my office for granted.

However, it has come to that time in my life that I must make a change for my family and company. My four sons are growing up fast and my company is expanding. Both of which require a greater degree of my focus and attention. Therefore, I have come to the difficult decision not to tender my name to the County
Committee for re-election to the Assembly.

I want to thank Chairman Bill Layton of the Burlington County GOP and the Committee for all their support and trust in me. I want to thank my wife for allowing me the time to serve and to do something I love for so long. I also want to thank the voters and my supporters for giving me the honor to serve. I cannot thank all of you enough for this experience.

However, rest assured from now til the end of my term, Dec. 31, 2015, I will continue working for you with the same passion and determination you expect from our Elected Officials.

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