AFP-NJ releases updated Taxpayer Scorecard

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Our friend at Americans for Prosperity (AFP-NJ) released their Taxpayer Scorecard Midterm this past week, Save Jerseyans.

Grades were based on twenty-one measures for the Senate and sixteen in the Assemby, including but not limited to the extension of the 2% binding arbitration cap, the FY 2015 Budget, the “Millionaire’s Tax”, New Jersey Supreme Chief Justice Stuart Rabner’s re-appointment, and the RGGI tax.

Republicans in the “100% Club” at this point:

Maria Rodriguez-Gregg (R-8)

Declan O’Scanlon (R-13)

Jack Ciattarelli (R-16)

Donna Simon (R-16)

Alison Littell McHose (R-24)

Parker Space (R-24)

BettyLou DeCroce (R-26)

Jay Webber (R-26)

Honorable mention for “Taxpayer hero” status:

Chris J. Brown (R-8) – 94%

David Rible (R-30) – 98%

Sam Thompson (R-12) – 98%

Democrats who have a few redeemable votes:

Sheila Oliver (D-34) – 34%

L. Grace Spencer (D-29) – 31%

Jeff Van Drew (D-1) – 26%.

trenton domeAFP-NJ’s communications director, Mike Proto, was underwhelmed by the results. “All but a few Assembly Republicans have done a superb job in standing up for taxpayer interests in the past year, six of whom are carrying perfect 100% ratings,” said Proto. “On the other hand, many Republican senators are suffering from their support of the budget, the open space measure and/or their vote to re-appoint Chief Justice Rabner.”

“Still the results make it crystal clear: the liberal majority continues to set the agenda in Trenton and has little interest in doing right by taxpayers,” he concluded. “While we’re seeing more varied results than in the past mid-session, most Democrat lawmakers are in ‘Taxpayer Zero’ territory with ratings below 20%.”

Click here to see the summary results for AFP-NJ’s Taxpayer Scorecard Midterm.

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