With Pucci leaving, Monroe GOP moves to capitalize

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Photo Credit: Monroe GOP
Photo Credit: Monroe GOP

Here’s one to keep your eye on now that we’ve entered convention season, Save Jerseyans:

Recently, the Monroe Township Republican Organization screening committee selected its 2015 municipal slate in hopes of ending Democrat dominance of LD14’s most Democratic Middlesex town after 28-year incumbent Mayor Richard Pucci announced that he’s not seeking reelection.

Martin Herrmann, a 20-year veteran of the financial industry, is the party’s mayoral pick; Harold Kane, a Navy veteran, and Joseph Atanasio, a retired NYSE Floor Governor, will stand for two council at large seats.

Home to 10,500 registered Democrats but just 5,400 Republicans, Monroe is never an easy nut to crack. Still, without a popular incumbent at the top of the municipal ticket and low turnout expected statewide without state senate/gubernatorial/federal contests to drive participation, Republicans are hoping to score an upset here AND finally take back LD14, too, with anointed Assembly candidates David Jones, a former state police major residing in Robbinsville, and Phil Kaufman, an attorney also from Monroe.


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  1. 28 YEARS in a municipal office? That is a sin. NO ONE should be able to serve that long in a town.

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