Charges still forthcoming, FEMA watchdog group rallies to defend Menendez

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

I suppose you could say the same of some of our contributors’ calls for Hudson Bob’s resignation, Save Jerseyans, but until we know what he’s even charged with, isn’t it a bit premature to rally in his defense?

Maybe not. Stop FEMA Now, a leading social media-driven Hurricane Sandy victims’ group, doesn’t think so. Its membership is so enamored with Senator Menendez’s post-storm advocacy that they’re staging a Newark rally on Wednesday night in support of the senior New Jersey senator who, if media reports are accurate, faces a corruption-related indictment as early as this afternoon.

Details via Twitter:

2 thoughts on “Charges still forthcoming, FEMA watchdog group rallies to defend Menendez

  1. As a Jersey guy don’t you have your friends back? We do. He has helped us with Sandy Rebulding and Passing HFIAA – to keep flood insurance affordable.

    The charges are payback for the Senator attending and supporting Netanyahu when he spoke at the Senate.

    Where are the charges for the “leak” of the indictment.

    At the end of the day, you must help those who helped you. That is all we are doing.

    You are still innocent until proven guilty in this country?

  2. Fry him. The kiddy toucher shit true or not stinks to much for me. And that WallStreet pig mayor going to bat for him is a load

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