Christie’s expense account versus Obama’s travel habits? No contest for taxpayers!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Our state’s social media sphere is all a-twitter over an eye-catching New Jersey Watchdog story detailing $360,000 in Christie expense account purchases over five years, better than 80% of which was spent on food and booze.

Obama Bows to ChristieThe article would be more powerful if it wasn’t full of weight innuendo. All the same, Save Jerseyans, I have NO problem with the media asking questions when we can’t pay for roads or pensions. That’s kind of what they’re supposed to do. If not the Fourth Estate, then who else? Right?

My only beef, as always, is with the stunning lack of balance out there in general. I’m not talking about Watchdog although its antipathy to Christie World is well-known.

How many of you have heard that, as of last summer, the Obama’s have spent $44,351,777.12 on travel expenses? And when you criticize Michelle Obama’s lavish travel bills paid by taxpayers, she’s inclined to dismiss your commentary as evidence of racism. I can understand why she doesn’t want to talk about it; her 2010 trip to Spain alone, when our country was still in the grips of economic turmoil, cost about $168,000 more than 5-years of Chris Christie’s food-and-drink-related expense account activity.

Does the Christie Administration deserve scrutiny? Yes.

All politicians deserve scrutiny. That’s my overarching point here.

So if a particular news source picks up and hypes this latest $300,000 Christie story, but hasn’t said peep about President Obama’s $44,351,777.12 travel bill, Save Jerseyans, then consider the source and weight it accordingly.


10 thoughts on “Christie’s expense account versus Obama’s travel habits? No contest for taxpayers!

  1. Is this a new Onion piece? Seriously you’re talking about leaving Obama expenses out but you’re leaving all the other Christie expenses out too while acting as if the expenses exposed here are the only expenses Christie has had over five years. Who paid for all the trips to Ohio for campaign rallies and fundraisers for Republicans he supported? Who paid for the travel of his family to these events? Who paid for the repeated trips to Florida and Texas? You want to “call out” a source, fine, but when do so and your point is their lack of balance, you might want to check your own article for said balance. Then, just delete the entire thing so you don’t expose yourself as a hypocritical lapdog.

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