Today, New Jersey, you’re (finally) working for you.

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

As golden light trickles into bedrooms and breakfast nooks across the Garden State this morning, Save Jerseyans, and our state’s intrepid taxpaying population prepares to caffeinate, commute, and earn of living for its families, there’s an extra big silver lining:

Today, you work for you.

Boston Tea PartyYesterday, May 13th, was “Tax Freedom Day” in New Jersey; it’s the day when, on average,  our state’s residents have finally earned enough scratch to pay off their sizable tax burden for the year.

That’s right… most of us work just 2 weeks shy of half of a year JUST to pay taxes. I ran through some of the grisly numbers for you back on April 15th. 

Why do we stand for it? 243 years ago, a group of colonists threw tea in Boston Harbor over a 10% duty on tea. Compared to what we’ve got to deal with, folks, our predecessors’ burden was mild. And don’t tell me “today’s plight is different, Matt, ’cause the colonists didn’t have taxation with representation.” I’m not sure I do, either, with the way Trenton/D.C. operate and, of course, our state’s obscenely-drawn legislative map.

So hold your heads high today, Save Jerseyans. The rest of the year is yours. But if you’re tired of working the first 50% of the year to pay for someone else’s state benefits, failing public schools, bloated wrongheaded social engineering projects and every other species of waste under the sun responsible for bankrupting us and dooming the next generation, then you need to resign yourselves NOW to making the first Tuesday of every November an ‘Asshole Politicians Freedom Day’ until that glorious day when January 31st (or sooner) is our new tax freedom day.