Walker wins Northeast GOP straw poll

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie and WalkerThe three-day Northeast Leadership Conference is underway in Philadelphia, Save Jerseyans, one which will be relatively well-attended by Republican leaders and national candidate from inside the Northeast and beyond. 

This year’s straw poll winner, however, is not a Northeasterner (although he was the keynote, for whatever that’s worth):

Scott Walker – 25.3%
Chris Christie – 11.6%
Marco Rubio – 11.0%
Rick Santorum – 9.6%
Jeb Bush – 9.6%


7 thoughts on “Walker wins Northeast GOP straw poll

  1. Walker has been my first choice as our next President for a long time. He is a governor not a senator so he has executive experience and unlike Christie he has a record of accomplishment with a hostile legislature.

  2. So, Bill and Hillary Clinton actually used the Battle Flag of the North Virginia Army on their campaign buttons. It is all over the internet if you don’t believe me. No one should be distracted by this made up outrage about a flag.

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