This Robbinsville police story will make you tear up… as well it should!

By Cody McLaughlin | The Save Jersey Blog

It’s a rare occasion, Save Jerseyans, to be able to find organic content as heartwarming as this AND to be able to write about for a political publication. And it comes to us from right in our own Garden State backyard!

Here is the full story as told to me and posted by a friend on Facebook:

On Saturday night, two of staff members from the Hampton Inn and Suites – Robbinsville watched as five police officers strolled into their lobby, with a 93-year-old war veteran, and asked for a room for the night. Apparently, the officers (Thomas Egan is one of them) found the vet driving around, lost, after taking a wrong turn on his way home to Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.

robbinsvilleAfter hearing some amazing stories from the vet (his name is Oscar) about his distinguished military service, the officers and a Good Samaritan by the name of Bob Shea decided that the only proper thing to do was to show him some Robbinsville hospitality.

Well, after haggling with the humble vet for a few minutes and insisting he not sleep in his car for the night, Robbinsville officers escorted him to the Hampton Inn and Suites hotel where they tried to pay for the room (a $169 charge) out of their own pockets. The staff of this fine establishment simply were not having it, Save Jerseyans, so after a short discussion they elected to pay the cops’ kindness forward and comp the room for this honored American citizen for the night. After escorting him to his room and making sure he was comfortable, the story comes to a close as the officers and nighttime hotel staff resume their shift with every reason to be proud of the good deed they accomplished together.

I’m extremely pleased to be able to help share this story with all of you, and I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the greater ramifications here. Good people (cops, at that! Shocker!) still walk the Earth, and every now and then do incredible, albeit simple things for other people… just because they can.

Bravo, officers. Bravo, Hampton Inn and Suites staff!