Author: Cody McLaughlin

CODY McLAUGHLIN serves as a trustee for the NJ Outdoor Alliance which represents 1.2 million hunters, fishermen,and trappers. He is also a veteran of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's 2013 reelection campaign as well as numerous GOP campaign efforts in the Pacific Northwest.

The Internet’s best reactions to Hillary’s disastrous #withacloth presser

By Cody McLaughlin | The Save Jersey Blog The Internet is an unforgiving place, Save Jerseyans, especially for politicians. Every gaffe is mercilessly dragged out as far as it will go to the entertainment of political nerds who spend way too much Read More

This Robbinsville police story will make you tear up… as well it should!

By Cody McLaughlin | The Save Jersey Blog It’s a rare occasion, Save Jerseyans, to be able to find organic content as heartwarming as this AND to be able to write about for a political publication. And it comes to us from Read More

Counterpoint: Here’s what Trump said (and did) that was wrong

By Cody McLaughlin | The Save Jersey Blog This week, you read an opinion piece on Save Jersey from one of my favorite fellow contributors, Joe Schilp, rhetorically asking what Donald Trump did wrong during his announcement for the Republican nomination for president. I’m here Read More

Hypocrisy Alert: Jersey Dems flip over NJ Transit fee hikes… but not tax hikes?

By Cody McLaughlin | The Save Jersey Blog I don’t get it, Save Jerseyans. As if we needed another example of Democrat hypocrisy, here we are… again. On July 1st, while you were getting ready for a long weekend, New Jersey’s Assembly Democrats Read More