See, I told you so: Poll leader Trump channels Christie, eats reporter

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

I don’t enjoy being right about this stuff as much as my detractors might lead you to believe, Save Jerseyans. It’s usually regarding something that’s less-than-good news for the good guys.

For starters, there’s the extent to which the GOP’s current and former 2016 pack leaders are letting Donald Trump eat their lunch because the Donald stole Chris Christie‘s ’09 playbook (which I recently discussed right here). The other candidates, by contrast, appear to have no memory of anything prior to 2012? Trump is a seasoned pit fighter and self-promoter; he’s seizing this opportunity by bloodying up most of our electable candidates. I blame them more than him for the aforementioned reason.

In any event, the latest example of Trump usurping the Christie ’09 strategy transpired over the weekend:

Did Trump’s reporter put-down sound familiar? It should.

Let’s travel back in time to 2010, to a story that Save Jersey took viral:

Bold colors beat pale pastels every single day of the week, Save Jerseyans.

Trump isn’t just a vent; that’s not fair to him or the people being snookered by him (they’re not all being misled… they’re protest voting). The Donald is presenting a strong contrast to the infuriating status quo on Capitol Hill AND our TV sets, too. In the video embedded above, he’s refusing to accept one of dozens of unflattering media narratives that GOP candidates are regularly expected to swallow. In this case, Trump doesn’t apologize for their interpretation of what he said. Like Chris Christie refused to do in the next video.

None of this is rocket science. Why is the rest of the Republican field acting like it is?


5 thoughts on “See, I told you so: Poll leader Trump channels Christie, eats reporter

  1. Brilliant job by Trump. Been saying for decades now that we need candidates who tell it like it is – which Trump is doing – rather than candidates like Christie, who say that they tell it like it is, but as an elected official stick it to the very people who elected them by raising taxes, tolls, fees and fines.

  2. Jeb Bush is the ” selected” candidate and Trump is a fly in their ointment. The rest of the candidates aside from Walker and Rubio are just fodder. It is a rigged game but Trump cannot be controlled. He is hurting their plan. Nothing more , nothing less.

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