The reason Trump is winning in under 30 seconds

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

So I’m on record disagreeing with the protectionist elements of the Trump immigration plan, Save Jerseyans, but that doesn’t mean the whole thing is garbage. Far from it. In fact, regarding so-called “anchor babies,” I don’t think the Donald’s constitutional premise is off-base (even if you think saying it is bad politics). This explanatory history from constitutional attorney Ken Klukowski is worth your time.

What matters is how he’s continuing to resonate despite repeated promises from all quarters that he’s going to fade… any day now…

This latest exchange on the anchor baby issue is only the latest great illustration of why he’s still leading the Republican pack:


10 thoughts on “The reason Trump is winning in under 30 seconds

  1. Donald Trump is neither a conservative nor a skilled politician. He is just a giant middle finger erected by the Republican base in the general direction of their establishment. His staying power is in the fact that the establishment richly deserves a middle finger.

  2. Donald Trump is 100% correct…..this is an INVASION, not proper nor substantive form of immigration. Enforce the borders of the USA….Enforce the laws of the USA….the policy of the USA ought to be designed, executed and enforced in a way it protects the CITIZENS of the USA……Make the laws a SERVICE of the USA……and the reaction of the media and the career political establishment is to…….throw Trump under the bus……..

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